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Keep your data private with the only zero-access forms and surveys tool. With encryption at every stage, your responses are for your eyes only.

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Can you email me your bank info?

Absolutely not.

Send me what you need in a VaultForm.

Secure by design

Send sensitive data privately

We think it's pretty simple: a data collection tool that takes your privacy seriously should never, ever be able to view your data.

1. Create your form

Create a form or survey easily with as many questions as you want, and share the link with anyone.

2. Collect responses

Users responding to a form will have their response encrypted with your public key before it even leaves their browser.

3. Decrypt responses

Login to generate your unique key in the browser, which unlocks your private key and decrypts responses for your eyes only.

Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Reach out to us.

What is VaultForm for?

Any sensitive information that needs to flow one way from one trusted party to another, should do so privately and securely. When you share your private information, you should never use email or even less secure third party applications. You should always use a secure way to communicate this information. If you don't have a simple way to, use VaultForm.

Why does VaultForm exist?

We were running a small business and found we had to collect sensitive data from some of our customers and the people we work with. When we looked for secure ways to collect this data, we found either high friction but secure methods (Signal, Matrix, PGP email), or low friction but insecure methods (email, form builder tools). We built VaultForm to solve this problem by filling the gap with easy to use, zero-access forms.

How does VaultForm work?

VaultForm handles all data encryption on the web browser, so sensitive information never goes to our servers until we 1. cannot read it, and 2. cannot decrypt it. This is commonly referred to as zero-access encryption. This code is also inspectable in the browser so anyone can verify that it does what we claim. Read more about how we do this on our security page.

What data can you see?

We collect as little data as needed to provide this service, and see even less. We verify the email when you sign up to create forms to ensure only real people are using VaultForm. We have access to form title and questions, as those are public. We can see time stamps on when forms were created, and when a response is submitted. Everything else is encrypted gibberish, and we don't have the keys to make it not gibberish.

Why should I trust VaultForm with my data?

You shouldn't have to! VaultForm uses industry standard encryption tools, alongside security best practices. Crucially, responses are encrypted before they ever leave your browser. That way, anyone can inspect and verify the process.

Why don't you have a cookie banner?

We only use one session cookie while form creators are logged in to make sure it's them. We don't use any advertising, tracking, or social cookies.

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