Sharing a Private Form

·1 min

Once you have created your first VaultForm, it’s time to share it with your intended recipients.

The link for your VaultForm is available in two places.

1. The Form list page #

Your forms page will have a list of every form you’ve created. On this page, each private form will have an option to decrypt and view responses, or to view the form. Selecting the button on the right will open the form in a new tab, which you can then share with your recipients.

2. The Form’s page #

When you create a brand new form, you’ll be dropped on the form’s page showing that there aren’t any responses yet. Right below the title and description, there will be a link titled “Link to form”.

Selecting this link will open your form in a new tab to share. Alternatively, you can right click (or hold, on mobile) and an option will pop up to copy the link address. Then you can paste it to share directly with your recipients.

Thanks for following along!